Elephants in Thailand March 2017

Being a cameraman has given me some amazing opportunities to visit places I would not perhaps have been able to otherwise. I did travel to southeast Asia in 2012 but never made it to Thailand. So it was great to be offered a job doing some filming there. The filming was for a 6 part series for Sky based around an animal doctor who specialises in elephant osteopathy.

We spent a week in Bangkok at the Kings Cup Elephant polo tournament where Tony the Osteopath was the resident physio for competing elephants. Then we travelled north to spend a week in Chiang Rai, where Thailand borders Laos and Burma (Myanmar), in an area known as The Golden Triangle. It's the part of southeast Asia famous for its significant role in the farming and distribution of illicit opium. We were there to visit one of Thailand's biggest elephant sanctuaries though!

All my luggage space was taken up with video and sound equipment, so the only stills I could get were with my phone, so you'll have to forgive the relative low quality of the images. Also, things were so busy in Bangkok so I only really had some time to take a few snaps in Chiang Rai.

It was an amazing experience - one that I'll never forget.

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